When I tell people what I do for a living, the first thing they say is almost invariably "Wow, you must have a lot of great stories, huh?"

I never know how to answer this. Most of what happens at work is, to me, boring and mundane. What I tend to find profound or exciting rarely strikes me as the kind of thing that would be of much interest to other people. I usually mumble something like "no, not really," because the story about the disabled guy who got thrown in detox isn't exactly one that perks up a party.

But people keep asking me for stories about my work.

So it's occurred to me that people all over the world have blogs where they talk about how mundane their jobs are (or how fascinating they find them), and that maybe I should leap into the 21st century and do the same. Now I can just direct people here if they want to hear about my job.

I'll limit my posts here to stuff about my job, though I imagine that other aspects of my life will occasionally get dragged in as well. For a number of reasons, I'd prefer it if people didn't use my real name in the comments. It's highly unlikely they'll ever read this, but I'd rather that some of the less savory people I run into not be able to look me up on the internet.


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