That Makes Sense

Passenger: "So, like, where do you pee?"

Crabbie: "Trees and gas stations, mostly."


P: "Yeah, I guess that makes sense."


P: "There are a lot of trees around here."

C: "Yup, lot of trees in Oregon"

I wasn't lying when I said that work's been boring recently. Well, this job is so over-stimulating that it's never boring, especially given that my income is dependent on my level of activity, but I just haven't had much in the way of thrilling interactions or conversations.

I drove a drunk rich girl home who was really upset and emotional about her "best guy friend" calling her a cunt. In doing so, I got to take a back way up to Council Crest, so that was neat.

I also did a fair amount of work out in the western suburbs, which is also interesting to me, as it's a place I don't know very well. I'm starting to learn them, but I find both the lack of a grid and the people who live there to be annoying. Not obnoxious or particularly aggravating, just... suburban. I'm an inveterate city boy, I suppose.

So yeah, good times. I think I'm going to work tonight (Friday), so maybe some crazy blog-worthy shit will go down.


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