I quit smoking.

This is undoubtedly a good thing. You see, one of the things the superintendent does is cruise around town in his unmarked car and try to catch people smoking in the cabs. He catches a driver smoking, and he makes a quick $50 for the company - and if you're a smoker and it's a busy night, you're going to smoke in the cab. Owners can also fill out a citation and hit you the same way.

I ain't gotta worry about that shit now, son. I'm like free and clear of that stress.

I probably shouldn't have had my first night of not smoking be a night I worked, however. Disorientation, chemical withdrawal, and crankiness do not lend themselves very well to fulfilling my company's mandate that drivers be "safe and courteous at all times." I did break down and buy some nicotine gum at Walgreen's at around midnight ($29.99 for 110 pieces, not a bad deal), but the stuff actually made me pretty stoned given my state of total nicotine withdrawal.

Anyway, there's no way in hell I should've driven that guy to the Airport at 3:45 in the morning. But I also found that my tip-rate went up a little bit when I replied to "how you doing?" with "smoke-free."

Everyone loves someone trying to improve their life.

And yes, I told you this blog would be boring.


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