Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I'm tired, and nothing particularly compelling happened last night. One guy was an enormous asshole, and another guy threw-up in the cab (my first time!), but there was not a large volume of vomit, and except for two droplets, he got it all on himself. I didn't charge him the $50.

I did a lot of waiting - at various points I had to wait for three drawbridges and a very long freight train. I still had a good night financially, and got to have a good conversation with a gorgeous girl while waiting for the freight train. I gav
e her my card, and she will not call me. Such is my life.

The aformentioned Soriah will be playing a show with The Venerable Showers of Beauty in Portland this Sunday (10/1) at Someday, a new club at 125 NW 5th (look at me, I be using links like a motherfucker). Rumor has it that a couple of other cab drivers are going to be involved, so you should check it out. This show will be very, very good, a feast for the eyes and ears. You will be supporting arts and cabbies at the same time. Doors at 9, cost is $10, and you get to see me in the flesh. This is not normally my scene, and I cannot at all vouch for the other acts, but you have the Crabbie word of honor that the Soriah set will be dope as all fuck, and quite possibly one of the better shows you've seen all year.

If you're not in Portland, I'm told that there will be simultaneous streaming on the Someday page, but I know very little about such things and care even less, as all the cool kids will be there in the flesh.


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