Bloody Hummus, DMT, Peter Carroll and Wu-Tang

A wonderful night last night, everything I look for in a Saturday. This also means that nothing terribly exciting or amusing happened.

I picked up a young, semi-conservatively dressed, white woman around my age at The Bloody Hummus House (a house where the inhabitants throw shows, I've seen friends play there and driven one of the people who live there before). We started talking, and only ten blocks before I dropped her off it came out that she was going to Mexico and Nicaragua to study with shamans. I asked her if she was going to be doing a bunch of ayahuasca while she was there, and she said that she was thinking about it but still very much on the fence. She then told me about doing DMT at a rave in Denver when she was 16, and hallucinating blood that streamed down the walls and got in her pores.

I didn't have time to give her my DMT soliloquy, but it's a substance I've always been fascinated by and thought a lot about, but never used. I've always kind of figured that it's something I'll get to experience when I die anyway. It was also a conversation I'd already had with friends the night before (I didn't work Friday, but instead went to see A Scanner Darkly).

She paid with a credit card, and while it ran I asked her if she'd read any Peter J. Carroll (founding figure in the creation of chaos magic or, as he often calls it, "freestyle shamanism"). She said, no, and asked me to write down his name and some titles.

As she was getting out of the cab, she asked what we were listening to. I told her that it was the first Ghostface album, and she got really excited and we had a nice 30 second conversation wherein she described The Wu-Tang Clan as "geniuses."

I guess my point in writing this is that I really love the fact that I live in a city where I can pick someone up at a place called The Bloody Hummus House, freely talk with them about extremely powerful hallucinogens and magic, and end the interaction with a bit of mutual Wu-Tang adoration. I guess this is actually many major cities, but it seems like the percentage of people that I can potentially have these conversations with, without the other person looking and acting like a complete fruitcake and fully believing in that stuff, is much higher here.

It's also probably a signal that I should have proposed to this woman, or at least given her my card, as we seem to think very similarly about similar thing. But she wasn't all that hot, and I guess that I'm just shallow like that.


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