What's Goin' On


Sorry for the delay in posting an update, some things had to be finalized. Unfortunately, I haven't been in secret negotiations to become a movie star like Danny DeVito.

What has been happening (among other things) is that I've continued to write about my experiences as a cab driver, and that anyone who wants to will be able to start reading about them again relatively soon (a couple of weeks).

So why haven't I been posting these writings here?

Someone has agreed to pay me for writing about my job, and to not only pay me but publish those writings both in print and on the internet, and expose them to a much larger audience than this website offers. No, I didn't turn into a big book star like Melissa Plaubt, and this isn't going to make that big of a difference to my checking account, but it will raise my literary profile a tiny little bit (to the extent that I'll actually have a tiny literary profile now).

The catch is that I can no longer write about my job in this space.

I've been thinking about other things that I could write about here, as I did enjoy having a blog much more than I expected to. I've had several ideas, but none has really grabbed me. There are two that stick out more than the others:

1) As I've mentioned on several occasions, I saw this blog mostly as a way of writing about my job as a struggle between and my own misanthropy. As it was much more interesting to me, my writing tended more toward the misanthropy side of the equation, and I never wrote much about myself or experiences that keep me from fully becoming the misanthropic troglodyte I fear. So I was thinking about turning this into a "feel-good" blog, or at the least the kind of mundane "recounting of daily activities" type of thing that most blogs are.

2) Turning it into a review site for local bars and restraunts - mostly somewhat serious reviews of late-night and fast cuisine (cabbie food) and snide and sarcastic reviews of bars based solely on their clientele. This is made somewhat problematic in that addition to being sober, I'm now also a vegan.

Both of these seem like decent enough ideas, but it's hard for me to envision either of them really compelling me to post with semi-regularity in the same way that my job did. I also doubt either of them would be quite as interesting to other people. We shall see. As the burning bush told Moses, "I will be what I will be." It wouldn't hurt too much to keep checking back, but I make no promises.

I'll post another update with details when publishing happens.

Thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed the website, and to all of the other cabbies whose blogs I love and don't read frequently enough anymore, but will still compulsively devour for full afternoons every couple of weeks.