I've just been WAY too busy with work and trying to find a place to live and woman stress and buying a car and everything else. A new column went up on Wednesday, I probably won't be back to blogging in any significant way until after I'm settled (early June? hopefully? please?).


Back in town

Memphis was awesome, the internet situation was not. I'm too tired to upload photos, but there'll be a bunch in the coming days.

There's a new column up here. No, he did not get me for $93.


I'm in Memphis

My sister's graduating from college. I'm very proud of her, and my computer's being very cranky. It's good to be back in the South, it's so different from Portland. I'm glad to be here, but I'm also glad that I don't live here.

I'll try and post more pictures tomorrow, when the computer's hopefully less cranky.


Ho Ho Ho

Another retread column's up here, likely the last for a while. Starting next week, most columns will be ones you haven't read before, though I may still slip in the occasional "greatest hits" piece every once and a while. The archive remains here.

I'm going to Tennesse in a couple of hours.




Whale Blubber


The Church of Swinetology


libations, hand-washing, and a schema for personality change


Another story you'll recognize

Column's up here.

End of the Shift

Western foot of the Broadway Bridge (NW 10th & Lovejoy).


A friend's house