Will asked for updates on music, so here is one, even though I am not at all plugged into music that is popular, or even really all that well known in underground circles.

Last night I saw 2 Oboes, my favorite band in Portland (pictured). I also got to see another band I really love, called Moodring, and the fabulous Waves of Nightengales. I'm forgetting who else... Paraquat, who's a valued friend. I slept through a set by Eet, who I also love tremendously. I left early because I was thinking about going to another show (Master Musicians of Bukkake and Neung Phak) that I was really excited about. If I'd stuck around I could've seen Soup Purse, the Reproachables and Eet again. This show was at my old roommates' house, and featured a potluck beforehand. The only things I could eat were baba ghanoush, bread, onion rings, and the cake that I brought. Being vegan can be lame sometimes.

I stopped by my house on the way to the second show, and got entranced by Casino Royale, which my roommate was watching. I didn't end up making it to the other show, or starting work until 1:45 AM. I don't like James Bond movies, or action movies at all really, but I thoroughly enjoyed that one.

I also liked that I only worked for 3 hours, and still made what I do on a mediocre 8 hour week night. It's good to be lucky, and even better to be both lucky and good.


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