The Fog

It's been really foggy the last few early mornings, and I kind of enjoy it. It reminds me of living in the Bay Area (S.F. Bay). It also lets me get to see my co-workers do stupid things, like think they're turning onto the freeway, when in fact they're roaring into an empty parking lot at 50 mph.

(this particular co-worker isn't actually doing anything stupid, he's just chillin')

Something I love about Portland: occasionally, just occasionally, a washed-up looking drunk who I had to drag away from his seat at the video poker machine in one of our divier dive strip clubs will stumble into the cab after a few minutes and ask to go 15 blocks away. And it will be okay, because he will offer me some of the salmon he smoked that afternoon, and the salmon will (of course) taste wonderful. And my tip for the $4 trip will end-up being an excellent meal that I would've had to pay $20 for in one of those godforesaken places where they don't have salmon, and the washed-up drunks don't smoke it themselves. And it wouldn't have tasted nearly as good for that $20, either.

Only two people were wearing costumes, and neither of them was any good. I'm not working tonight, I'm going to go see the newly re-constituted Spacehawk, and will not have crazy Halloween stories for you. I'm perfectly happy with that.


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